Ausdruck was officially launched on December 31st, 2012; some form of it was created in 2003, and in June 2010, I opened up Ninth Division, which I let expire in January 2012. A new year, a fresh start, et al.

Ausdruck started on (schrein, the full name, stands for shrine in German), before I let it expire to start up (scarlet in French; I wanted roux and rouge for red, my nickname, but they were both taken) with a cheaper name registrar. is registered at Namecheap », is hosted by HostGator », and hosts my other domain, Wyngs ».


The original name -- Ninth Division; technically -- was derived from a character of the manga Bleach, Muguruma Kensei, who is a vizard in the series, and my soulmate. :D When I registered, German for "shrine", I stuck to the German theme, and named my collective Ausdruck, which is German for the word expression. I express a part of myself in every one of my shrines (rambling totally withstanding! /shakefist), and felt that it not only fit me, but it also matched my real name a bit!


My name is Tess, and I'm a 20-something student coder who lives in the Southeast of the U.S. of A. I'm a cat lady to my core, have a ridiculous amount of electronics that are all named (but lack Apple products -- both a source of pride and irritation), and code everything from fanlisting scripts to blogging platforms. I hope to one day dabble in fashion photography, but I'd totally settle for doing animal portraits of all the Big Cats (see: cat lady).

I love Tom Hardy, Lady Gaga's hair, Jennifer Saunder's mind, and every inch of Amanda Palmer. I love writing and reading slash fanfiction, reading manga (shounen and yaoi, if you please), as well as men and women's fashion magazines and dictionaries. I like collecting pins, vintage furniture, and anything relating to Marilyn Monroe. I have three cats -- Nene (pronounced simply as "Nay nay" almost like "hey hey!"), TJ and Shinji -- and a snake, José.